Feeling Extra Beautiful

Every girl is told that to be beautiful is to hurt. We live in this lie, wearing heels that actually make your feet bleed! Constantly looking for clothes to hide our insecurities. What no body does tell you, is that being beautiful is already inside you.

Today I was searching for clothes that match different body types. If you’re an Apple you should hide your torso, accentuate your legs… and so the list goes on. These rules that dictate to us how to feel about ourselves are endless. Why do we continue to brochure ourselves with these society dictated rules?

You are beautiful. You are perfect in all your insecurities! Your flaws make you beautiful. You have stretch marks because you had 4 children, you haven’t been able to lose your baby weight ? So what ? Look at what your body has gone through to get there. Mama, you are stunning. We need to stop beating ourselves up because we don’t look like models.

Extra Beautiful is just that – the little EXTRA to the beauty you already posses. You deserve to spoil yourself. We have a list of stunning clothes and accessories that will make you feel so beautiful you won’t even worry about what body shape you are! Whether you’re under weight, average or over weight we all deserve to feel that little bit EXTRA.

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